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The Stiffler legacy has been intricately woven into the fabric of the State Fair of Texas since 1990 when they unveiled their very first stand on Admiral Nimitz Circle.

In 2005, the reins were handed over to brothers Mike and Rick Stiffler, transferring the flavorsome torch from their uncle Charlie Stiffler. Originally known for Chicken-on-a-Stick, the Stiffler brothers succumbed to the allure of sweets. In a bold culinary pivot, they introduced Fried S’mores to the world in 2008, a creation that garnered them a coveted spot among the finalists in the illustrious Big Tex Choice Awards.

Their journey through taste sensations continued as they captured the essence of autumn with their Taste of Autumn Pumpkin Pie in 2011, following their successful venture into Fried Lemonade in 2010. In 2013, Stiffler’s Concessions made its triumphant entrance into Fair Park’s Summer Adventures. This paved the way for a second Stiffler’s Sweet Spot location on the Midway.

A visit to Sweet Martha’s at the Minnesota State Fair in 2017 birthed the introduction of Stiffler’s Mom’s Cookie Factory which offers a captivating spectacle of cookie-making magic: a bucket overflowing with decadent chocolate chip cookies, best accompanied by a glass of ice-cold milk. You can also purchase a Stiffler’s Moms Cookie Factory bucket filled with their delicious cookie dough as a take and bake option.

Their legacy has expanded beyond the fairgrounds, as the Stiffler’s embarked on a partnership with Six Flags over Texas in Arlington, treating thrill-seekers to their iconic creations since 2020. And in a twist of destiny in 2021, State Fair luminary Caroline Newport McKee of Newport Concessions handed over the reins after half a century, entrusting the Stiffler family with an unprecedented gift – six of her cherished locations.

Most recently, Rick and Tammy Stiffler were featured cast members of the hit A&E reality show Deep Fried Dynasty which showcased the big personalities behind the mouth-watering food at the State Fair of Texas. The show followed the Stifflers and other concessionaires through the 24 demanding days of the Fair to show how they turn deep-fried delicacies into major profits. The show can currently be seen on Hulu.

2008: Fried S’More (Finalist)
2010: Fried Lemonade (Finalist)
2011: Fried Taste of Autumn Pumpkin Pie (Finalist)



Q: The number 1 question asked at the Stiffler’s Sweet Spot is, “How do you fry lemonade?”
A:  It’s a Stiffler’s secret!

In the 24 days of the State Fair of Texas the Stiffler’s use approximately:
– 1,100 gallons of oil
– 86,000 Oreos
– 3,344 lbs. chocolate chips
– 13,200 Snickers candy bars
– 7,040 sticks of butter
– 11,350 Pounds of funnel cake batter
– 16,000 hot dogs
– 3,000 lbs. of flour
– 1,050 lbs. of granulated Sugar
– 700 lbs. of powdered Sugar
– 1,100 lbs. of brown Sugar

– During the Red River Shootout with the TX vs OU football game we will go through an average of 68 kegs

– Stiffler’s Mom’s Cookie Factory has it’s own mascot, Which is a giant chocolate chip cookie 🍪

– Stiffler’s stands have been visited by celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Gail King, and Larry the Cable Guy

– Stiffler’s mom, Tammy Stiffler, was a contestant in the Deep Fry Masters Competition show in 2013

– In 2022, the Stiffler family was featured in the A&E series Deep Fried Dynasty. The reality show about life as a concessionaire at the State Fair of Texas is currently airing on Hulu